Drawings for your loved ones:

My favorite kind of drawing is the portrait of a person. A portrait is a lasting present for catching the moment for your loved ones and all people precious to you.

What do I need from you creating a perfect drawing

I need a well-lit picture showing the person to be drawn.
If I receive a foto that is unsuitable, I will notify you immediately to give you the opportunity to send me a new one.

Illustrations for books

A book illustration creates a world of its own and enhances the reading feeling that the reader gets and that keeps them hooked on the book.

I also like to let my imagination run wild. For this, I create a small script, similar to the storyboard of a film, in which I bring my ideas, experiences, or simply my imagination. The client gets this script and confirms or changes the individual scenes. He may adjust each unaccepted scene 2 times.